Ned Dunphy’s Vengeance Racing Twin Turbo Built, Pro128 Powered Viper current PR in 1/2 mile @216.55mph and 1/4 mile 7.53 @188mph 


Customer Testimonials

My 2200HP Vengeance Racing built Gen V Viper TA utilizes a ProEFI 128 engine management system and to say I am satisfied with the performance would be an understatement. Not only does ProEFI provide extremely accurate engine control, I have infinite fail safes available to keep my engine in tact and performing as it should. With 2200HP on tap the ProEFI 128 ECU does an amazing job controlling traction and boost allowing me to put as much power down as possible which has allowed me to run over 216mph in the ½ mile and also allowed me to secure the title of World’s Quickest Gen V Manual Transmission Viper in the ¼ mile running 7.53 @188mph. I am very happy with my decision to utilize ProEFI on my Viper and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to protect their investment with the best engine management system on the market.
Ned Dunphy
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