ProPDM Specifications

Operating Voltage

  • 12v/24v nominal
  • Reverse polarity protection

Operating Current

  • Total: 70 AMP, simultaneous active outputs


  • 12 digital tri-state [high-side, low-side, open] for external switch to active functions calibratable in the ProEFI ECU when not using CAN trigger functionality.
  • 2 analog [Resistive] Broadcast to the ProEFI ECU through CAN and usable as an analog input for any function.
  • 6 analog [0-5 VDC] Broadcast to the ProEFI ECU through CAN and usable as an analog input for any function.


  • 12 digital high current [15 AMP max each, 70 AMP total] +12v High Side Outputs

** Can be configured as PWM operation 

Calibratable Fuse Settings

  • 5 AMP to 15 AMP
  • Auto Resetting Fuses

CAN Interface:   CAN 2.0B

Dimensions:       245 x 140 x 50 mm

Weight:               2 lbs

Water sealed Connectors

  • 3 x 12 pin [ J3, J4, J5]
  • 1 x 2 pin [ J6 ]
  • J1- Ground – 8 gauge
  • J2- V batt – 8 gauge

Note: A proper circuit breaker should be used on the main power feed capable of supporting the total system draw.

Environmental Specs

  • Operating Specs -40*F to +185*F
  • Storage Specs -40*F to +275*F
  • Environmental Sealing IP 66 and 67
  • Shock 30 G, 3 cycles
  • Vibration 5 – 25 G, 50 – 2000 Hz, 72 hrs/axis

** ONLY Compatible with ProEFI Systems


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WARNING: It is against the law to install this part on an Emissions Controlled Vehicle

This part is legal for sale and use on Uncontrolled (Non-Emissions Controlled) Vehicles and Racing Use Only Vehicles. It is the responsibility of the installer and/or user of this product to ensure compliance with all applicable local and federal laws and regulations. Please check with your local vehicle authority before purchasing, using or installing any Professional EFI Systems Inc. product.


In many states, it is unlawful to tamper with your vehicle’s emissions equipment. Professional EFI Systems Inc. products are designed and sold for sanctioned off-road/competition non-emissions controlled vehicles. Only and may never be used on a public road or highway. Using Professional EFI Systems Inc. products for street/road use on public roads or highways is prohibited by law unless a specific regulatory exemption exists. (more information can be found on for state by state details in the USA)

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