Flex Fuel

Flex Fueling done the right way!

Flex fuel is a great alternative to race gas and much more affordable than race gas and 91 Octane.

E85 Basics:

  • Ethanol is an American-based product that both stimulates local argricultural economy and is a very clean-burning fuel.
  • E85 has a 30% lower energy content than regular gasoline and therefore requires 30% more fuel to operate the same.
  • E85 has a stoichometric level of 9.6:1 compared to Gasoline’s 14.68:1 stoich level.
  • E85 will have a less efficient fuel economy due to the increased fuel needs (roughly a 15-25% drop in fuel economy).

Why use E85 in performance applications?

  • NEVER buy Race Gas again!! 3.0 liter 6 cylinder Cars have made well over 1200whp on E85 with the potential to make more.
  • Torque! Each turbo car we’ve dyno’d with E85 ALWAYS makes substantially more usable torque making for a great street car.
  • Spool! Expect your current turbo setup to spool ~500rpm’s FASTER than it currently does.
  • E85 burns cooler than Gasoline further adding to the power increases over Gasoline.
  • Most importantly….it’s CHEAP!! E85 literally has the capabilities of C16 Race Gas. With E85, you essentially have C16 in the tank for ~$3.00/gallon.

ProEFI Flex Fuel Integration

  • Ignition, fuel, and cold/warm start-up maps are adjusted in real-time, and at the core level of the fueling calculation (not percentage based like some systems try to use) based on ethanol content as seen with the ProEFI Flex Fuel sensor. This is also displayed directly on your CAN Gauge or CAN Display.
  • ProEFI iBoost includes a 5-position switch to choose your 5 pre-determined boost levels (1 being the lowest or wastegate, 5 being the highest allowed given current ethanol content). The ProEFI will AUTOMATICALLY adjust your maximum boost level and corresponding lower boost levels to give you the safest boost level based on the real-time ethanol content.
  • ProEFI firmware allows for an additional 400% increase in fuel for cold start-up maps to GUARANTEE you’ll always have enough fuel to start your car in the cold weather (See quote below for more info).
  • The internal ProEFI wideband adjusts in real-time for the fluctuating stoichometric measure of your current fuel mixture.
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