Pro128 – Plug-n-Pin Kit 

  • Pro128 Pins- 128qty
  • Plugs J1A, J1B, J1c, J2A, J2B
  • Fully Terminated ECU Com Cable (Harness Side)


All wires are group color coded and labeled every 12 inches for ease of layout and installation!
• 9ft in Length⁣⁣
• Wires labeled through out⁣⁣
• Terminated at ECU end⁣⁣
• Color coded ⁣⁣

High Quality GM LS Crate Harness

Our high quality LSX Crate harness, is fully terminated, labeled, and wrapped, meant for installing an LSX into any chassis. Also is available with a Drive By Wire harness or without.

Customer Rides Featuring the ProEFI Universal Kits

“One of the most well thought out and intuitive systems I have ever used! Definitely provided more flexibility and features than previous systems tested without having to pay for continual upgrades!” Sal Patel – Owner/Driver of the wolds fastest Viper!
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