“I come from an OEM tuning background, therefore my process is a little different than some tuners out there. ProEFI really makes it easy to get someone who is rather green on standalone tuning up and running. I believe this is the closest you can come to an OEM level of control in a package that is nearly infinitely configurable. I believe the best part about the system is the fact that everything still functions in the car! All the creature comforts are retained and operational and work the same as factory! Cruise Control, warnings, failsafes, etc… are all still fully functional” -Ryne Cunningham, Cunningham Motorsports

“ProEFI has certainly met my expectations and beyond!!  Other systems that claim to do 75% of what the ProEFI can do cost 4 times as much!! [/pullquote]Not very often does a new product come along that surprises me.  The ProEFI certainly did.   When I first learned of ProEFI, I was cautiously excited.    How could a computer give you OEM fueling strategies,  OEM quality,  flex fuel control, traction control,  individual cylinder knock control, the best boost control that i have ever used,  launch control,  4 stage nitrous control, perfect idle stability, perfect start up,  fault management, fuel pressure compensation,  complete automatic transmission control etc and keep it a very affordable price.  I have now sold over 200 of these systems with ZERO failures!!  No other system gives you OEM drivability like the ProEFI.  There is nothing that you cannot do with a ProEFI!  It is simply the best ECU available for your vehicle bar none!  I have installed and tuned just about every type of ECU out there and nothing comes close to the quality, drivability,  capability and affordability of the ProEFI!” -Larry Prebis CEO, Sound Performance

 “I’ve used over 32 different EMS’s and Rom editing software packages, I feel ProEFI has it all. As a tuner, theres no better feeling than knowing when a customer’s car leaves, not only will it perform consistently no matter the conditions, but the engine will be protected if something unexpected happens.” -Chris Delgado, ProSpeed Autosports

“The ProEFI has it all, with fault management, and bullet proof hardware it’s way ahead of it’s competition! If you have invested a lot of money into a engine program (which most of us do), it is a very good idea to protect that investment with an actual working fault management system, backed by hardware that will take a beating like no other. To me, it is a no brainer! Another good point to consider is the add ons, by the time you factor in an external wide band controller, knock management, boost control, Flex Fuel, etc… to go with one of the other systems on the market, you could have simplified your life exponentially by going with PROEFI. This system does it all.” -Errol McCullum at Total Performance and Service

 “I stand by the products my shop sells, some products more so than the others.  ProEFI is one of those products!  I’ve been working with ProEFI for the last several months, and it is without a doubt the best engine management system I have had the oppertunity to use so far, out of 10+ other engine managemnent systems I have used.  From the hardware to the software it has performed flawlessly!  Some of the features have worked beyond our expectations.  I don’t like to bring costs into this is, as it is an expensive hobby and industry, however the ProEFI is a very affordabl system, compared to other similar systems, but you get more features available out of the box with ProEFI.  It’s a great feeling when a customer leaves with a system I am 100% confident in.” -Induction Performance

“I had my car break an alternator and drove for 25 miles dropping voltage all the way to 9v and made it safely back. As well as ripping a wire and driving for a 10-20 miles on 18v recently. Couldn’t be happier! The Proefi 128 took it without any issue. I want to express how happy I am with the product and support from the staff.” -Daryl Seepersad (Customer)

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