ProEFI Display Logger

Pro5 CAN display Logger



#9405 Pro5 Kits Includes;

  • 5” CAN Color Display Logger
  • CAN Display Logger Cable Assembly – 9.8f
  • USB 3.0, 16bgb Thumb drive
  • Small USB 3.0 Male to Female Car AUX Mount Flush Panel Extension Cable – 6ft

5” CAN Display Logger Specs;

▪︎5″ LCD Color Screen
▪︎10-12* user defined pages/screens
▪︎Up to 2 Users
▪︎CAN setup Engine Light Warnings, Shift Light, and more
▪︎2 CAN
▪︎2 Inputs [Analog, Digital]
▪︎1 Relay Output
▪︎8-32v Operating Voltage
▪︎1 GHz Processor

5″ screen
5.9 cm deep
13.3 cm wide
9.4 cm tall


Air/Fuel Ratio 1 & 2
Ethanlol Content Percent
Target AFR
Lambda 1 & 2
O2 Feedback Multipliers (Fuel Trims)
Instant Fuel Economy
Primary Injector Duty
Primary Fuel Pressure
Manifold Pressure

Pressure Ratio
Fuel Pressure
WasteGate Setpoint (Target Boost)

WasteGate Duty Cycle
I Boost Mode
Exhaust Backpressure
Spark Advance
System Voltage (Battery Volts)
Coolant Temperature

Inlet Air Temperature
Radiator Pressure
Oil Pressure
Oil Temperature
Trans Pressure
Nitrous Bottle Pressure
Differential Wheel Speed
Non Driven Wheel Speed
Current Rev Limit setpoint

**And Many More Channels**


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