About Us

In 1989 founder Jason Siebels first started modifying turbocharged cars, and quickly found the need for
an aftermarket engine management system to tune engines. This passion turned in to a business in 1994
tuning customers’ cars with various systems that were available at the time. There were several short
comings with the earlier systems, mainly the need to completely rewire the vehicles electronics to get
some adjustability through engine management. Thus the idea of plug and play ability was born and
brought to the masses through his development.

However, several things were still lacking in these systems, reliability, and engine control technology
was dated. Jason found that the systems available lacked the precise control to properly handle the
power that the modern high performance turbocharged engines were capable of developing. Timing
controls were sloppy at best, fueling strategies were inconsistent with weather changes, etc. Jason
decided to go his own way to develop a high end, affordable system that kept the concept of engine
protection, and late model OEM engine control strategies in place.

ProEFI was reborn to achieve these goals. Utilizing heavily stress tested environmentally sound
ultra-high quality Continental/Motorola ECU’s that are designed specifically for an incredibly harsh
environment, the new ProEFI was launched. Using the track as a the proving ground for all of the new
ideas learned over years of working with some of the top racing teams in the country, the cutting edge
features of the ProEFI were fine tuned.

A common misconception in the industry is that all ecu’s control fueling and ignition timing equally,
and this couldn’t be further from the truth! The strategy for calculating crank angle is CRITICAL for accurate
ignition timing placement, and fueling strategy is critical for smooth transitioning under normal driving conditions.
One of the first things ProEFI customers absolutely RAVE about is how smooth and crisp drivability is. This comes
from cutting edge O.E. strategies for calculating crank angle to accurately control ignition timing and
calculating the actual air being ingested by the engine for consistant and accurate fuel delivery!

ProEFI’s goals are focused on making the engine control highly consistent, adding a high degree of safety
to protect the engine, and give the driver simple feedback that allows seemingly simple changes at the
line to consistently, and safely get the car down the track. At ProEFI we are constantly developing cutting edge
strategies, and technology to save the consumer money down the road by protecting anything the
powertrain module controls!

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