Pro128 & Pro48 Applications (01') (02'+)


Customer Testimonials

“For nearly over a decade, I stand by the products my shop sells, some products more so than the others. ProEFI is one of those products! I’ve been working with ProEFI for the last several months, and it is without a doubt the best engine management system I have had the oppertunity to use so far, out of 10+ other engine managemnent systems I have used. From the hardware to the software it has performed flawlessly! Some of the features have worked beyond our expectations. I don’t like to bring costs into this is, as it is an expensive hobby and industry, however the ProEFI is a very affordabl system, compared to other similar systems, but you get more features available out of the box with ProEFI. It’s a great feeling when a customer leaves with a system I am 100% confident in.”
Induction Performance
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