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The ProEFI Pro48 Scion TC Plug and Play system gives the user control over the following options


  •     Fuel
  •     Ignition timing
  •     Cam Timing
  •     Electronic Throttle Control
  •     I-Boost Control (5 stages)
  •     Flex Fuel (ability to run any mixture of E85 with the ECU making on the fly adjustments to boost, spark, and fueling based on Ethanol content).
  •     Antilag Boost control – 5 different targets
  •     TwoStep Launch Control – 5 different targets
  •     Hi/Low Octane switch – Allows the user to easily change the calibration to run pump gas and race gas settings
  •     Nitrous Control – up to 4 stages
  •     Closed Loop O2 Feedback – with external Wideband controller input.
  •     Multiple Fault Management strategies to save the engine and alert the driver incase of sensor failure or tuning errors.
  •     CAN Display connectivity – 52mm Can Gauge, and 4.5 x 4.5″ CAN display.
  •     Meth injection – ability to control methanol injection and tune appropriately for it