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Cal hayward Drag Week winnerCal Haywards Small block Ford Mustang Drag Week Winner and Record Holder, his 7.61 average was .4 seconds ahead of the next competitor in his class. Cal ran just one set of tires for the entire event!

Plug-N-Pin Kit For The Pro128 ECU

    • 5 – Pro 128 Connectors w/Lables

128 Pins

1- Com Cable

Pinout Instructions

Below is our high quality LS3 Crate Motor harness, it can easily be made to work with pretty much any of the LS series engines with some minor tweaks. It is available with a Drive By wire harness or without.

In this datalog, you can see the automatic antilag control working under the staging
break based on target boost pressure and actual manifold pressure. Once the target boost is
reached the ecu begins putting timing back in to stabilize the boost pressure to hold it’s
target, regardless of wastegate spring pressure. Then when the two-step button is pressed, the
desired target boost switches to the next stage, and the ecu starts targeting the new boost
setting with timing to achieve the new target, quickly and accurately! Calibratable ramp rates
allow this to work flawlessly even against the torque converter!

  • The ProEFI Pro128  system gives the user control over the following options
  • Ignition timing
  • I-Boost Control (5 stages of boost curves that can be selected to be targeted against Vehicle Speed, Time, or Flex Fuel input)
  • Flex Fuel (ability to run any mixture of E85 with the ECU making on the fly adjustments to boost, spark, and fueling based on Ethanol content).
  • Antilag Boost control – 5 different target boost levels
  • Staging limiter and target boost with independent PID’s for automatic antilag
  • TwoStep limiter – 5 different target RPM’s, and 5 different target boost settings and seperate PID’s with automatic Antilag!
  • Hi/Low Octane switch – Allows the user to easily change the calibration to run pump gas and race gas settings
  • Nitrous Control – up to 4 stages
  • Control multiple fuel pumps in stages for easier fuel pressure control at lower flow demand
  • Automatic Transmission control with converter slip calculations to help with converter selection and seemless converter lock up engagement.
  • Manual transmission Gear position indicators and clutch slip calculations
  • 2 channel Knock control with knock windows and true knock frequency filtering
  • Direct Fire Ignition – No wasted spark!
  • Fuel Pressure Feedback and fault control to monitor proper fuel delivery to prevent engine damage due to fuel system failure
  • Oil Pressure monitoring to alert when low oil pressure conditions occur
  • Radiator Pressure monitoring to warn for excessive coolant pressure in case of a weak head to cylinder block seal, or cracked cylinder.
  • Traction Control – Varying Wheel Speed Differential based on vehicle speed, Driveshaft RPM target line, or Engine rate of acceleration.
  • Closed Loop O2 Feedback with Internal Wideband O2 sensors. Steady State engine based for maximum control under all conditions!
  • Multiple Fault Management strategies to save the engine and alert the driver incase of sensor failure or tuning errors
  • CAN Display connectivity – 52mm Can Gauge, and 4.5 x 4.5? CAN display.
  • Meth injection – ability to control methanol injection and tune appropriately for it


Sal Patels Wolds Fastest Viper, and Fastest IRS car runs a Pro128! Now first IRS in the 6’s!



“One of the most well thought out and intuitive systems I have ever used! Definitely provided more flexibility and features than previous systems tested without having to pay for continual upgrades!”
             Sal Patel – Owner/Driver of the wolds fastest Viper!