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Evo 8 – Evo 9


ProEFI offers both the Pro48 and the Pro128 plug and play units for the Mitsubishi 1st, and 2nd Gen 4cyl turbo cars, as well as the EVO8 and 9. The listings with the ** are only available with the Pro128 ECU.

  • FuelIgnition timing
  • I-Boost Control (5 stages of boost curves that can be selected to be targeted against Vehicle Speed, Time, or Flex Fuel input)
  • Flex Fuel (ability to run any mixture of E85 with the ECU making on the fly adjustments to boost, spark, and fueling based on Ethanol content).
  • Antilag Boost control – 5 different target boost levels
  • TwoStep Launch Control – 5 different target RPM’s
  • Hi/Low Octane switch – Allows the user to easily change the calibration to run pump gas and race gas settings
  • Nitrous Control – up to 4 stages
  • Control multiple fuel pumps in stages for easier fuel pressure control at lower flow demand
  • Automatic Transmission control with converter slip calculations to help with converter selection and seemless converter lock up engagement.**
  • Manual transmission Gear position indicators and clutch slip calculations**
  • 2 channel Knock control with knock windows and true knock frequency filtering**
  • Variable CAM control
  • Fuel Pressure Feedback and fault control to monitor proper fuel delivery to prevent engine damage due to fuel system failure
  • Oil Pressure monitoring to alert when low oil pressure conditions occur
  • Radiator Pressure monitoring to warn for excessive coolant pressure in case of a weak head to cylinder block seal, or cracked cylinder.
  • Traction Control**
  • Closed Loop O2 Feedback with Internal Wideband O2 sensors**
  • Multiple Fault Management strategies to save the engine and alert the driver incase of sensor failure or tuning errors
  • CAN Display connectivity – 52mm Can Gauge, and 4.5 x 4.5″ CAN display.
  • Meth injection – ability to control methanol injection and tune appropriately for it

Customer Application

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Well I think its about time I try to enter my street / daily driven Evo IX. Here is a quick run down, I know I am forgetting a bunch of stuff. I am the original owner of this Evo, It was the first EVO IX on the streets of Denver back in August 2005, it currently has a little over 20,000 miles on the clock. Its been at Pueblo motorsports track (PMI) and Bandimere several times and been lots of fun! Of course its also been a test mule for several parts / turbos, I cannot remember how many different turbos have been on the Evo. I have learned a lot from this Evo and it continues to make me smile everytime I drive it. Anyways, enough of the softy stuff. Lets get down to business. I am going to add more pictures as I can find them but here is what I have for now.

Engine / Drivetrain

  • Buschur Double pump system -8 black braided fuel f
  • Winberg 8CW 88mm lightweight Crankshaft
  • K1 lightweight H-beam connecting rods
  • CP custom spec 85.5mm 10.5:1 compression pistons
  • ARP Main Studs
  • ACL Calico coated Main, Rod & Thrust bearings
  • Fluidamper balancer
  • OEM Mitsu Headgasket
  • ARP L-19 grade Headstuds
  • CNC ported head by Carz Performance
  • +1mm oversized Ferrea Stainless Valves
  • Kiggly Beehive Springs & Titanuim Retainers
  • Kiggly HLA
  • GSC zero-tick lifters
  • Kelford 272 camshafts
  • Wilson V2 California edition ported intake manifold
  • Skunk2 68mm throttle body
  • Wilson -10 Fuel rail
  • FIC 1680cc Injectors
  • Aeromotive -10 FPR
  • AMS cast manifold v-band turbo kit
  • Precision 5857 BB Turbo .63 A/R
  • AMS Downpipe
  • Carz Performance cat back exhuast
  • AMS Intercooler & charge pipes
  • TiAL MVR wastegate
  • TiAL 50mm Q B0V
  • Peterson Catch can with -6 lines
  • eed line
  • -6 black braided fuel return line
  • CBRD slim 1″ radiator
  • Spoolin-up COP (non CDI)
  • JMF mini Batt kit with Braille Battery
  • Shep Ultimate ratio 5spd trans
  • Shep Stage 2 t-case with Quaife LSD
  • Driveshaft Shop 2-piece driveshaft
  • TRE 12pt MAX lock rear end
Engine Management:
  • ProEFI 5-bar MAP sen
  • ProEFI Pro-128 ECU
  • sor
  • ProEFI 150psi Fuel pressure sensor
  • ProEFI LS-O2 Wideband Sensor
  • ProEFI Elecronic Boost Control Solenoid
  • ProEFI Flex Fuel Sensor
  • ProEFI 52mm CAN gauge
  • JDM Evo IX Rear bumper conversion MR SE front
  • lip
  • RS Trunk
  • MR Vortex Generator
  • Volk RE-30 18×9″ +35 Rims
  • Yokohama Advan AO48 265/35 R18 tires
  • OEM Brembo calipers coated Silver by Tirado Custom Coatings
  • Agency Power Stainless brake line upgrade
  • Baer 2 piece drilled & slotted rotors
  • Stance LX coilover suspension
  • MR SE Front & Rear seat swap (this car was an orginal GSR with leather seat JID2 seat l
  • owering brackets
  • AEM Wideband Failsafe gauge
  • Stack 52mm Fuel Pressure Gauge
  • Sparco F1 suede Steering Wheel
  • B&M Short Shifter
  • DC Sports front & rear Titanuim strut bars