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Application Harness

ProEFI is dedicated in provided their customers with the very best in engine managment, almost all of our harness’ are hand made with exceptional detail. If you have any question please contact us or contact a dealers near you. Phone: 480-607-4968  ||  Email: Application Harness – Plug and Play    

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Logging with PC attached included on all ECU’s. If logging without the PC connected is required, you must purchase one of the external loggers. This module simply connects through the CAN bus and is configurable, however it is preconfigured by Pro EFI for common channels to be logged. *The amount of available channels is dependent …

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Flex Fuel

Flex Fueling done the right way!   Flex fuel is a great alternative to race gas and much more affordable than race gas and 91 Octane.  

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ProEFI’s Lightning coil is a smart coil with an output of 105 millijoules at 12volts! These coils have been used on 8 cylinder engines making over 3500hp! The coil kit comes with the coil, plug, and pins. NEW! ProEFI has just released it’s H.O. Lightning Coil. This coil has an output of 210millijoules at 12volts!

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ProEFI Can Display

Features Of The ProEFI Display (Color) The ProEFI Display allows the user to monitor 30 channels through a 4″ screen which displays 3 to 4 digital screen, there is also Knock screen and a Fault screen.  Users also able to move gauges to different screens to give it a more personal touch.  

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ProEFI utilizes state of the art, high quality, highly accurate stainless steel pressure sensors with a .5 to 4.5v output for proper calibration with the ProEFI line of ECU’s! Below is a list of the sensor ranges ProEFI stocks. 3.5 Bar Map Sensor 5 Bar Map Sensor 7 Bar Map Sensor 150 PSI Sensor 500 …

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