Our ECU’s were designed from the ground up to withstand the harsh real world environment of off road Racing and Marine use. No other ECU on the market has been put through the rigorous tests that ProEFI’s ECU’s have! So if you are working in the Marine environment, our ECU’s are water tight, and sealed with an operating depth of up to 10′ under water. If you are operating in the harsh off road environment, check out the vibration and heat cycle specs our ECU can with stand. Why put an ECU in your vehicle that was never designed to operate in the environment you will be using it in?

The Pro128 uses a Freescale MPC 565 processor at 56mhz
The PRo48 uses a Motorola MPC 563 processor at 56mhz

ECU Environmental Ratings

  • The ECM is designed to meet automotive industry standard under
  • hood environmental requirements for 12 volt and 24 volt systems,
  • and also meets marine industry environmental requirements.
  • Validation tests included extreme operating temperatures
  • (-40° to +105° C), thermal shock, humidity, salt spray, salt fog,
  • immersion, fluid resistance, mechanical shock, vibration, and EMC.
  • It is the responsibility of the application engineer to assure that the
  • application does not exceed the demonstrated capabilities of the
  • unit; vibration or thermal. It may be necessary to perform additional
  • tests to validate the unit in the application.

 Other Information

  • 6.2 STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -40° to +125° C
  • 6.3 OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -40° to +105° C
  • 6.4 THERMAL SHOCK: -40° to +125° C transition within 10s for 500 cycles
  • 6.5 FLUID RESISTANCE: Two stroke motor oil,
  • Four stroke motor oil,
  • Unleaded gasoline,
  • ASTM Reference ‘C’ fuel
  • 6.6 HUMIDITY RESISTANCE: 85% humidity at 85°C for 1000 hours of operation
  • 6.7 SALT FOG RESISTANCE: 1000 hours
  • 6.8 IMMERSION: Submersible in 8% saltwater solution to 10′
  • 6.9 MECAHANICAL SHOCK: 50 hours of 50 g’s
  • 6.10 DROP: Random drop tests on concrete from 6′
  • 6.11 VIBRATION: Engine mountable and tested to high-performance levels

  • Conditions Supply Voltage Time
  • Reverse Battery -24VDC 5 Minutes
  • Abnormal Alternator Output 36VDC 5 Minutes
  • Minimum Battery 6VDC Indef.